Date nights rock.

A few weeks ago, Brian and I had an exciting date night out in Manhattan. After a delicious dinner at Josie's, we walked to the Beacon Theater for an evening with Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. We saw Grace perform at the Life is Good Festival a few years ago, and couldn't wait to see her on stage again.

The Stepkids opened up the show and impressed Brian and I both. Even if you didn't care for their music, you couldn't help but watch their performance due to the amazing visual effects projected on the band and a white screen behind them throughout the show. Lucky for us, we liked the music, too. They were awesome!
When Grace and the Nocturnals walked on stage, it sounded like the Beacon Theater was going to explode! If you have never seen Grace live, you need to as soon as possible. Grace. Rocks. Out. She performed with her band for two hours, and was absolutely amazing. Some highlights for me were an emotional performance of Falling or Flying with an acoustic guitar dedicated to all of the Sandy victims, singing along to Hot Summer Nights (one of my favorite songs of the band's) at the top of my lungs, and a cover of Gimme Shelter by the Stones. It was a fantastic show.
Date nights with Brian rock. Especially when we are at a rocking show.

Speaking of date nights, Brian and I are excited to continue our tradition of our 12 Dates of Christmas this season. I am eager to share our 12 dates of 2012 with you all on the blog this month!


  1. Note to self: check out this excellent band.

    Aw, so glad you guys had such an outstaning date night. Here's to plenty more, now and beyond!

  2. YAY for date nights! It's always nice to "run away" from the routine every now and then :)

  3. I fell in love with Grace Potter when I heard their Christmas song....And I love Manhattan! You are so lucky to be living in NY! -Jessica L



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