Life according to Instagram, Week 45.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Boo is absolutely obsessed with our Christmas tree. She loves sleeping under it any chance she gets! 
2-4. My latest neck candy from my amazing sponsor, Sibling Rivalry. I absolutely love it! 
5. Ombre, Fort Greene style. 
6. Loving my holiday read of the week. I have been laughing out loud every morning on the train. 
7. NYC fruit. 
8. My second graders' park study culmination is this week. I am so incredibly proud of the research they did in order to design their own version of Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. 
9. My love. 
10. Times Square. I took on the role of tour guide this weekend. 
11. 5 Pointz
12. Downtown lights. 
13. Bryant Park. 
14. One of my closest friends from Minnesota, Amy, visited for the first time this weekend! We had a blast! 
15. I love every single thing in Fishs Eddy. And those cake stands... forget about it. 
16. & 17. The rain was intense on Sunday night! But we battled through to see the windows on 5th! 

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  1. Those last two pics are priceless! You are so so bundled up! Can't believe Christmas is almost here!



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