Twelve dates of Christmas: On our seventh date of Christmas...

... we enjoyed a delicious Italian meal in Jackson Heights. And then we saw the most amazing Christmas house in Queens.

As soon as we stepped into Armondos Italian Restaurant in Jackson Heights, I knew I loved the place. The walls and mirrors were lined with white lights, poinsettias sat at the center of every table, and almost everyone in the place was over the age of 70. After talking with Jerry, the owner of Armondos, we discovered that many of them have been dining there for years. Jerry himself has worked there for over 40 years! Our meals were delicious (housemade gnocchi is always my Italian meal of choice) and our cannoli and carrot cake were the perfect treats to conclude our meal! 
Since we had a rental car for the day, I searched before our date for the best Christmas houses around New York City. Homes with an abundance of lights, decorations, and animated characters make me literally jump for joy. And scream. And cry. I am not joking. I found several recommendations online, and selected Santa's Corner in Whitestone as our seventh date destination. These homeowners gave Clark Griswold a run for his money. It was absolutely amazing. 
Our seventh date of Christmas exceeded all of my expectations. 


  1. So so cool! I'm a huge sucker for overdone Christmas lights as well :)


  2. Oh. My. Lord. That house is out of its ever-lovin' mind. If you get the chance and another rental car, you've gotta check out the huge houses in Dyker Heights in Bkln. (you probably already know about it). They are unbelievable. It's such a big deal out there that they actually have cartoon characters out on the street!

  3. OMG LOL That Santa's Corner in Whitestone is hysterical and will have to check that out next year! I'm also going to check out Dyker Heights in Brooklyn upon Jennifer's advice! I have a few places I knbow of in Westchester County (where I grew up) but I mostly just make a big deal about the Garabedian house in the boogie-down Bronx which I blogged about. Here's the link if you haven't seen it already!


    I loved this post though and so glad to hear that you too love overly done up Christmas displays!


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