Life according to Instagram, Week 51.

A very good week, brought to you by Instagram...
1. Last Saturday I surprised my niece, Reese, at her seventh birthday in Florida. It was such a wonderful day!
2. Candy Land party at City Street Sweets in Tampa, FL.
3. Family breakfast with my brother-in-law at Wolf's Den.
4. Look who I found under the table...
5. & 6. Swinging high in the air! Reese and I had a fun night at the park.
7. No matter how cute boots are, sandal weather is always the best weather.
8. Florida evening.
9. Coordinated pinks.
10. There is nothing like a suburban Target. I love my Tampa Target trips!
11. Late night manicures.
12. I love Florida winters.
13. So sad to say goodbye.
14-16. We ventured out into the bitter cold on Thursday with our second graders to explore a rural area in upstate New York. We learned a lot about the transportation needs in the community and were so grateful for our hosts in Goshen and Blooming Hill, NY.
17. On our way home from our field trip upstate. Hello New York City.
18. & 19. NYC did not mess around this week with winter. So cold and snowy. I am feeling very ready for spring...
20. My brother in law, Todd, came to NYC for the first time over the weekend! We had a great time sight seeing and eating amazing food around town during the 24 hours he was in town.
21. Empire State.

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