Austin, I love you.

It's official; I absolutely love Austin. Its laid back attitude, sunny weather, endless outdoor dining options, and vintage flair made me fall head over heels. I had the best visit with my little sister, and my brother and sister-in-law gave us the most amazing tour of the city.
Big Top Candy Shop
Fran's Hamburgers
Uncommon Objects
Allen's Boots
Austin Motel- So close yet so far out. Where we stayed during our visit. 
Indian food at G'Raj Mahal
Drinks at Lustre Pearl
Breakfast tacos at Papalote Tacos
Grilled cheese with cilantro and tomatoes at Bouldin Creek. 
Cupcakes at Sugar Mama's
Breakfast and a Belgian Bomber at Jo's. Delicious. 
A late dinner and live music at East Side Showroom
All smiles after a delicious dinner at Blue Dahlia
I cannot wait until my next trip to Austin! Chad and Jamie, thanks again for such a spectacular time! 


  1. What an awesome city! I'm going to Dallas in a few weeks, and hope it's half as pretty as Austin!

  2. girl, i am so in love with austin, too. i swear it's the perfect balance between LA & NYC: artsy, laidback, cutting edge, hipster-ish, always creating, and filled with do-ers and thinkers but not as cut throat as ny. just the best ever. glad you had such a wonderful trip!

  3. Now I want to go! Love all the boots :)

  4. I LOVED Austin when I visited! I am drooling over that pic of the boots!
    PS - I noticed your follower button doesn't have a number of followers - is there a code to get the number removed? I hate the "how many followers do you have?!" side of blogging, and I'd love it if the number wasn't even there!
    Have a great night!

  5. ....loooove the boots!!!!Austin is fine, but NYC is my love....forever and ever and ever....sorry,Austin lovers!!! ,,,xa xa...

  6. You have me dead set on visiting Austin now! Jurg and I have always dreamed of doing a road trip through the south and this has me convinced that it NEEDS to happen :) Love the retro vibe and all the food looks delicious!



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