Life according to Instagram, Weeks 56 and 57.

With all that has been going on around here, by the time I sat down to post my Week 56 from Instagram I was already almost through Week 57. So, I thought I would just combine them! Here are my past two weeks according to Instagram...
1. Q train tunnel.
2. One thing I will definitely not miss about my old apartment- fourth floor walk up.
3. & 4. We took a trip to Grand Central with our second graders to learn more about the history and design of the space. That ceiling gets me every time.
5. The fact that my favorite Colombian cheese bread is now on my walk to the train is a very dangerous thing.
6. Donut date Sunday.
7. Dain.
8. Saying goodbye to my old apartment.
9. Moving in with Brian also meant opening my first public storage space.
10. I approve of the mini Linzer tarts from Leli's. Another new neighborhood bakery favorite.
11. My friend Allison and I are accidental twins at least once a week at work.
12. New Toms = happy feet.
13. Snowy commute.
14. The trees looked beautiful Friday morning during the snow storm.
15-19. On Friday, my second graders got to explore Tom Otterness's studio. They sketched all they saw and wrote down questions to ask him during his visit this week. We are so excited for him to come to our school!
20. Dinner and dessert date with Lindsey in Astoria.
21. My new laundromat is kind of awesome.
22. Brian loves when I take pictures.
23. Look who's 8! We celebrated Emily's birthday over the weekend.
24. Astoria colors.

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  1. guess who got an iphone recently and can follow you and your amazing adventures on instagram now?? me me me!!

  2. I left the blogging world for a few months so I'm clearly not up to date. You moved in with Brian? That's wonderful!
    Love your new header with the amazing changing pics.
    Oh and all those sweet treats you took pictures of - yummy! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Emily! Hope she had a fun day :) Looks like another great week, all of those baked goods have my mouth watering!



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