It's official.

Fall is officially here, which means my time to check items off my first summer bucket list has come to a close. Although I did not get to a few items on my list, overall I felt like making one at the beginning of the summer was a success. I only had a few weeks in New York City and having a list of activities I wanted to accomplish helped me plan my time and experience some of the amazing things this city has to offer! Here are the highlights from my first summer bucket list. 

Try a cronut- half donut, half croissant, and rumored to be well worth the two hour wait and 4 am wake-up time- CHECK! 

I loved July's blackberry flavor and am excited to return to the bakery soon. Even if you cannot commit a morning to the line, definitely stop by if you are in SoHo. All of the pastries I sampled were amazing!

Explore The Cloisters in Fort Tyron Park.

Hopefully I will make it up to The Cloisters soon. I have heard from so many friends that it is absolutely beautiful! Any recommendations on the best time of year to go? I would love to enjoy the gardens in bloom, so my visit may need to wait until next spring or summer.

Have a picnic in Central Park with my nieces- CHECK! 

Exploring the park with my nieces was as magical as I expected it to be. We picnicked in the Billy Johnson playground and snacked on waffles near Belvedere Castle. The girls loved the park!

Spend the day at a beach in or around New York City- CHECK! 

My afternoon at Long Beach was perfection.

Dine in Harlem, an area of the city I have never ventured to (Red Rooster, maybe?)- CHECK! 

Brian and I planned a date night at Red Rooster and loved our meal! The cornbread and mac and greens were both delicious. Brian also enjoyed their signature fried chicken.

Check out the new LIC Flea- Go Queens!- CHECK! 

I had a great time exploring the new LIC Flea with Natalie. I follow the LIC Flea on both Instagram and Facebook and it looks like the market is getting better and better every week!

Host a brunch for friends.

This summer flew by, so my brunch will need to happen this fall. Luckily, the cooler temperatures are perfect for egg and french toast bakes!

Take more leisurely walks- CHECK! 

Walking around my family's neighborhoods in Minnesota this summer was lovely. My siblings and I felt like kids again as we ran around, searched for frogs, and explored lakes and ponds.

Visit the Rain Room at the MOMA.

Once I realized my only chance to check out the rain room was during the horrendous heat wave in July, I happily opted out of waiting in line for hours on end outside the MOMA. No thank you!

Have lunch at Pier 15 and lay in the sun- CHECK! 

I checked this item off my list during my last week of summer. I spent hours on the pier by myself eating lunch, reading, and listening to my iPod in the sun. I may have even taken a quick nap on the large wooden recliners on the lower deck. It was the perfect activity to conclude my summer before heading back to work.

Did you make a bucket list for the summer? For the year? What have been some of your favorite things to check off?


  1. You accomplished so many things! I think my major bucket list item was to get a job. Done!

    My boyfriend and I have been steadily checking off our list for the fall (we had an early start!) and I'm excited to see what else we'll get done by the time winter rolls around! My personal goal is to start working out again. Now that we're in week three with the kiddies at work, I have a better idea of my schedule/how much I need to sleep at night, so I'm happy to get started this evening!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  2. The boys and I discovered pier 15 this summer as well and hesitated to put it up on the blog, lol because It's so peaceful I almost don't want anyone to know about it... I know, I know sorta greedy. Great spot to watch the boats pass by and clear your head. Great photos. Hope you had a fab summer!

  3. Love the photos once again, especialliy the ones from the beach and Minnesota


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