Scenes from the weekend.

What a weekend! New York, thank you for delivering another amazing two days of sunshine, blue skies, and beautiful weather. We really have been blessed with the most wonderful fall thus far.

We spent most of our weekend outdoors. On Saturday we rented a car and drove up to Highland, New York for our annual apple picking trip. We love Wilklow Orchards for its apple selection and delicious apple cider donuts! The donuts are definitely my favorite part... We spent hours running around the orchard picking and eating apples. On Sunday we had lunch at the LIC Flea before exploring Gantry Park, which we discovered has two amazing playgrounds! We spent time playing in the first one we found and hope to go back soon to play at the second. I absolutely love the park and the amazing views of Manhattan, and hope we can spend a lot more time there in the future.


  1. looks like so much fun. great mural! :)

  2. As always, love your photos :) you seem to have so much fun out there.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! We try to make the most of living in such an amazing city. Although this weekend I am spending most of my time watching my favorite shows on Netflix in bed :)

  3. What a fun weekend trip upstate! I've never done the apple packing thing but it sounds like a lot of fun, especially those donuts!


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