For the lovers of snail mail...

I am a lover of snail mail. I have acquired a large collection of stationary and stickers and typically send cards for every holiday they are made for. Case in point, my Thanksgiving cards and matching stickers are ready and waiting on my desk as I type.

I also am a lover of Instagram. So, I was ecstatic when I found out that Social Print Studio was offering personalized greeting cards using Instagram images. I immediately went to their website and started picking out photos from my Instagram feed to put on my very own personalized set of cards. The cards are offered in three sizes (4x4, 4x6, and 5x7) and are printed on high-quality white cardstock. I opted for the 5x7 size to have lots of room to write messages on the inside. It was a lot of fun to look through the thousands of Instagram photos I have posted over the past few years and select the ones I thought were notecard worthy. I chose a lot of images from my travels in Africa in 2012 and some of my favorite shots from around New York City.

The cards arrived at my home a few days after I placed my order and were just as amazing as I thought they would be! I have always been happy with the quality of Prinstagram's prints and their greeting cards are just as lovely. The colors and clarity of the images are spot on and look wonderful against the white color of the cardstock.
What makes sending a Prinstagram greeting card even more special? Including a mini-square print or two for your loved ones! I included a shot from last summer in my note to my grandma with an extra little message written on the back.
I love my set of greeting cards so much it is hard to part with them, but I know that the personalized touch will mean even more to my family and friends that I send them to. I am excited to create more cards to give as gifts this Christmas- at only $25 a set they are the perfect gift!

Social Print Studios provided me with a set of 24 5x7 personalized greeting cards to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I love this idea, need an excuse to write the old fashioned way too! (especially for the holidays!)

  2. That is a seriously awesome idea!! I think I want some. :0

  3. Hey,
    very beautiful post. I enjoy reading your post. All pictures are awesome.

    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Sunita
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  4. You're so good. I like the IDEA of sending cards, but I'm lucky if I get one time a year holiday cards out sometime before February. Love the instagram stationery though! Great idea!


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