Life according to Instagram.

1. Tropical Storm: Gowanus. 
2. Dinner for one at Yuji Ramen
3. Date day at a New York Islanders game. 
4. What do I need to make my hockey experience complete? Beer, a soft pretzel, and artificial cheese! 
5. Colorful sneakers to brighten up gray winter days. 
6. Hello happy camper! 
7. Exploring Grand Central with my second graders. 
8. First iced coffee of the season! 
9. Melody Lanes magic. 
10. Bowling Fridays are the best Fridays! 
11. Sunny spring day. 
12. The perfect journal for one of my summer adventures... thanks Anthropologie! 
13. Manhattan views. 
14. Taking in our vitamin D. 
15. All smiles after Emily's birthday manicure/pedicure. 
16. Neon brights. 
17. No. 1 Tacos in Chelsea Market. 
18. SoHo. 
19. & 20. Georgetown Cupcakes in honor of the Bachelor finale. The milk chocolate birthday cake and strawberry were my favorite two flavors! 
21. Dinner with my mom at Milkflower
22. Freedom. 
23. My favorite business traveler! I love when my stepdad is in town. 
24. Big blue skies and a tiny little moon. 
25. Margaritas and Mexican with my mom at Rocking Horse. 
26. Happy hour with Hannah, who was in town from Austin. 
27. When life kicks your ass, sometimes you just need to have fro-yo for dinner and treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure. 
28. Seen on St. Felix Street, Brooklyn. 
29-32. Meeting Skylar White, my friend Jacqueline's amazing little puppy! 
33. Macaron Day. 
34. West Village charm. 
35. Jo, my dessert buddy. 
36. Molly's Cupcakes- that Crème brûlée cupcake was so delicious! 
37. West Village.
38. One surgery done, one to go! Taking care of my vein pain.


  1. HI Daina ! Love your pictures - they make me miss living in New York ! Can't wait to come back for a visit in July. I will definitely be referring to your blog for places to hit up for some sweet treats :) wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery !

    1. Hey Amelia! Thanks so much for your comment. I hope you have a wonderful visit this summer! Please feel free to email me if you want any help planning your time here in NYC.

  2. The happiness just pours out of your photos. Thanks for making my IG feed so cheery!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! That makes me so happy to hear. You know how much I love Instagram!


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