Scenes from the weekend. Posted on a Thursday, because it has just been one of those weeks...

We had a big Father's Day weekend. The minute Emily arrived at our house on Saturday she said, "I think I want to get my ears pierced today." We were shocked! We have been trying to convince Emily to get her ears pierced for awhile, so we immediately planned our day around the event. We had Rizzo's for lunch and then walked to Claire's. Even though she was incredibly nervous, Emily handled it like a pro and instantly fell in love with her new earrings! We celebrated her freshly jeweled ears with Red Mango. That evening we attended a Girl Scouts award ceremony in Connecticut and had breakfast for dinner at the diner.

Brian woke up on Father's Day to presents, hugs, and kisses. He is such an amazing father to Emily and deserves only the best! We rented a car for the day and drove upstate to go strawberry picking and explore. We loved Kelder's Farm in Accord, New York. There were no tourists in sight and their fields were full of delicious, ripe berries. We had lunch at a local farm nearby and picked up several treats in New Paltz before making the trip back to the city. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend the cupcakes at Moxie Cup (the Sunday Morning cupcake was amazing!) and the handmade chocolates at Krause's Chocolates.

I am looking forward to another amazing weekend! Any exciting plans for you?


  1. Oh goodness, that Sunday Morning cupcake sounds amazing! What a fun Father's Day for Brian. I'm glad you guys had a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Melissa! The Sunday Morning cupcake was so delicious! I am down for any dessert topped with bacon.


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