We had quite the heatwave while we were in Paris last July. Temperatures soared into the high nineties and my dreams of eating endless amounts of decadent pastries and cheese were quickly crushed by the sweltering heat. My mom and I ended up eating gelato several times in place of larger meals. After visiting the flower market one afternoon we crossed the Pont-Marie to Île Saint-Louis. We loved the gelato at Berthillon. The pear and rhubarb flavors were absolutely amazing!


  1. I remember the gelato at Berthillon. It was so delicious that after I finished my first cone, I went back and got another!

    1. We wanted to do the same thing! We didn't end up getting a second cone, but I remember wishing we had! I also loved the melon gelato at another shop but I cannot remember the name of it. It was so hot there that the lighter fruit flavors really hit the spot.


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