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I always enjoy bloggers' weekly posts sharing links they have come across online, so I thought I would try one of my own! My Read & Watch posts will include interesting photos, videos, and articles I discover during the week. I hope you enjoy following along!

Read & Watch: 

17-year old Stanley Kubrick's photographs of the New York City subway in 1946 are stunning.

A letter from a teacher about that kid. This one hit home and made my cry during my commute.

Why #likeagirl is so important.

I have only visited four of the doughtnut shops on this list. It is now my goal to check out all of the Minneapolis and New York City locations by the end of the year! Would it be bad to start planning vacations based on doughnuts?

The most beautiful dance to Take Me To Church.

Advertisements that use animals' friendships get me every time.

The best version of Boom Clap.

Jimmy Fallon's Saved By The Bell sketch brought me right back to fourth grade. Oh how I miss the days of Zack Morris.

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  1. Stanley's photos are wonderful and gives a beautiful glimpse of a by gone era. Thanks for sharing that link. I love looking through old and new photography, especially street photography. ;)


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