Scenes from the weekend.

It is always a good weekend when bowling is involved. On Saturday Brian, Emily, and I bowled for a couple hours at AMF Bowling Co. in Woodside, Queens. Brian was the champion after three games, but Emily and I put up a good fight. On Sunday I snuck in a quick workout before a long afternoon of work at home. Emily and I also had fun making valentines for our family and friends. Brian and I are halfway through a 14-day detox, so he spent awhile in the kitchen preparing food for the week Sunday evening. I am already looking forward to next weekend- Valentine's Day with my love and the beginning of my mid-winter break!


  1. Bowling is so much fun. I love the glow in the dark. Hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day.

  2. I haven't been bowling in forever. I actually think the last time I went, I actually flung the ball backwards. Oops!

    Those valentines look like a lot of fun!


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