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Read & Watch: 

Beth Moon's images of some of the oldest trees on earth are breathtakingly beautiful. I loved reading about her experience finding the largest baobab tree in Madagascar. 

I admit I agreed with almost all of the statements in this article. I am addicted to my iPhone and need to make a better effort to disconnect more, especially when with friends and family.

I have listened to the band Tall Heights every day on my commutes for over a year now. Here is one of my favorites of theirs, I Don't Know, I Don't Know.

These powerful images of where children sleep around the world really resonated with me.

I love the idea of building bridges to help animals cross roads and other barriers.

Seriously, Jimmy Fallon is so awesome. Also, now I really want to try The Tonight Dough.

And because one Jimmy Fallon video is never enough, here is another one. This 'SNL 40' after party story is so good; if only we could have watched this live on TV, too!

I have so much to learn about shooting in manual mode with my Canon 6D. I really enjoyed reading this post about 10 common photography "mistakes."

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