Life according to Instagram, Week 8.

Another week in review, brought to you by Instagram...

1. & 2. I spent Sunday afternoon on the Upper West Side. This building took my breath away.
3. Times Square subway station.
4. My morning view. After four years of commuting to Brooklyn every day, I still can't get enough.
5. The beginning of the week was cold. My long winter coat, Uggs, and thick mittens were necessary.
6. Bright Brooklyn moon.
7. & 8. The cold winter weather was long gone by Wednesday, with temperatures in the sixties and seventies. Enter summer accessories and red Toms.
9. My friend Jen brought her pet pig Penelope to work on Friday. I spent most of my prep sitting with her in the science room. A-dorable.
10. My weekly bouquet of choice.
11. My mom arrived in NYC on Friday night bearing gifts. My CHI hair dryer is amazing, and my ten dollar Duane Reade Revlon hair dryer is in the trash.
12. We had dinner Friday night at Sugar Freak in Astoria. The mac and cheese and popcorn pudding were heavenly.
13. Boo hunting for birds. The pigeons on my fire escape are such a tease!
14. Saturday was a beautiful day to be out and about in New York City!
15. We had a late breakfast at Chelsea Market Saturday morning- cappuccinos from 9th Street Espresso and cherry cream scones from Amy's Bread.
16. Cappuccino #2 of the day from Stumptown in the Ace Hotel.

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  1. Love your views of New York! Such a dreamy city full of amazing architecture! Yay, for warmer weather! Those cappuccino's are almost too beautiful to drink!!

  2. Love your pretty flowers for the week! Unfortunately, I had to settle. Meijer didn't have a very good variety this week! ;) Loving your views as usual!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your weekly instagram pictures!! Oh how I dream of living in NYC one day.

  4. What an amazing week! Those yellow roses are so pretty - yellow is my favorite when it comes to flowers :)

    Glad you got to spend some time with your Mom, sounds like you guys had a great time!


  5. Back when I lived in NY, I used to buy fresh flowers each week too. They're so cheap at those corner market stands and added some color to my then-dreary apartments and dorm rooms.


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