Scenes from the weekend.

What a weekend! Saturday afternoon I had brunch at Reynard in honor of my friend Hannah's birthday. Hannah moved to Austin, TX a couple years ago so I cherish each and every time we get to see her in the city! There was a 7-alarm fire in Williamsburg that started early Saturday morning, so we ended up battling the smoke and ash to get to and from the restaurant. Saturday night I met up with my friends Rachel and Brianne for dinner at Cafe Mogador in the East Village. From there we walked to Revision Lounge for my co-teacher's birthday/bachelorette party. We were out way past our usual bedtimes but we had an amazing time dancing and celebrating. Sunday was a much more relaxed day until that nail biter of a Superbowl game. GO PATS!


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    1. Thanks Cristina! I loved the bright colors of the murals against the snowy streets.


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