Treat Yourself

I fell head over heels in love with this Paleo Bar necklace from NIXIN the second I spotted it on Instagram. The piece is made of 14 karat rose gold and pale champagne colored diamond slices. The diamonds are natural and vary in shape, making each necklace one of a kind. The necklace is part of new line from the jewelry designer that is currently available on Roseark. It is also available for direct purchase by contacting nix@nixinstyle.com.

The Paleo necklace is not a realistic purchase right now on my teacher budget, but there are several pieces in NIXIN's Etsy shop that I would one day like to treat myself to. I especially love this moonstone and diamond ring and this simple diamond solitaire necklace.


  1. That is super cute! Ah, teacher budgets. I went crazy at Anthro last weekend and I justified it because I had a 15% off coupon. Still...that's like a twice a year thing for me. Sometimes you just have to indulge.

    1. I know, our salaries really force us to shop carefully! I think a twice a year Anthropologie shopping spree is completely warranted. I am traveling back to Paris this summer, so I am saving up to buy a few new looks before I go. I cannot wait until the warmer weather arrives and summer clothes are back!


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