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Read & Watch:

Some helpful tips to transition from my 14-day detox to a healthier lifestyle. I know sitting down to meal plan with Brian for the week would drastically change our evening eating routine!

To celebrate its 30th birthday, The Breakfast Club will be returning to theaters in March. I am confident I could recite every line of this amazing film.

"To know that someone cares about them, that's the best feeling in the world I think." How one high schooler brightened 1,076 girls' Valentine's Day.

These 16 stuffed cookies are making me want to bake immediately. I have made Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies before and the results were amazing, so I can only imagine how delicious the rest of these recipes would be.

The best cover of Fast Car, performed by Ryan Montbleau and Tall Heights.

I am grateful that my second grade curriculum doesn't include college applications and campus tours. A closer look at the education system we have created as a country.

How one stupid tweet can ruin someone's life. A very interesting read about the astounding impacts of social media.

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. If you are not listening to Bear's Den, you need to immediately. I have seen them perform live five times over the past few years and they always blow me away.

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