Read & Watch.

Read & Watch: 

I love Tom Hanks so much. He recently helped some Girl Scouts sell cookies and also rocked out in Carly Rae Jepsen's I Really Like You. I cannot stop watching this music video. Here is a fun behind the scenes look at the music video, too.

I am looking forward to seeing The Living Pyramid in Socrates Sculpture Park in May.

Tackling racism head on with children, a topic we thinking about and work on every day at my school.

This pun-fueled food map is awesome. I especially love Rocky Rhode Island and Piedaho.

32 cats recreate photos from their kittenhood.

A bunch of skeletons dancing in front of a crowd make such an important point: love has no labels.


  1. I love your Read & Watch posts! They have brought a smile to my face, a skipped beat to my heart, a tear to my eye and food for my thoughts. Thank you.

    1. Hey Lorie! I am so happy to hear you enjoy my Read & Watch posts. I wasn't sure if anyone would tune into them each week, but I knew I always enjoyed similar posts on other blogs that I follow. I have a lot of fun putting them together each week!


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