Scenes from the weekend.

This weekend was gray and rainy, so I intentionally spent several hours each day napping. After a crazy week of work and conferences, it was exactly what I needed! When I wasn't sleeping I was shopping. Saturday night I took full advantage of the sale at Loft in Times Square, and on Sunday my best friend Lindsey and I returned to the store for more deals. We also stopped by City Kitchen, a new food market in Times Square. The burgers and fries from Witmans were delicious and our doughnut from Dough was mouth watering (as expected). I cannot wait to return for Wooly's Shaved Snow once the weather warms up!

On another note, I am a huge fan of the sneakers and sweatpants trend (my pants are from Loft and my Adidas are so amazingly comfortable). I hope it is here to stay.

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  1. Stared at those first two pictures for more time than I'd like to admit :)


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