A little video from our trip to Florida.

Brian, Emily, and I had an amazing week together in Florida. We started our travels with my family in Tampa and Orlando, and then drove to Venice for the second half of the week to be with Brian's family.

All video filmed on my Canon 6D and edited in iMovie. Music by Katrina Stone. 


  1. (completely unrelated to this post but I couldn't comment on the page...) You included Freemans and Sugar, Sweet, Sunshine on your LES dining list and I'm pretty sure you're my foodie soul mate! I rave about SSS to anyone who will listen but I feel like it still doesn't get much love.

    1. Hey Emily! Sugar Sweet Sunshine is one of my favorite bakeries in the city. Their cupcakes are the best! My boyfriend threw me a surprise party for my thirtieth birthday and ordered me a cake and cupcakes from there; I ate the cake all week long and it was delicious! Freeman's is also an awesome spot. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment! If you have any restaurant recommendations in the city please let me know!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mom! I want to make one of our Paris adventures :)


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