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Read & Watch:

This is one of my favorite posts from Atlantic Pacific to date. It is so beautiful! The clothes, the nails, the Italian scenery... perfection.

I started following Socality Barbie this week on Instagram. Who are your favorites on Instagram?

Congrats to my friend Danielle on this amazing wedding style shoot, which was featured on Ruffled Blog last week.

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash singing Girl from the North Country? Yes please.

If you are not reading Jenn's blog yet you need to start immediately. Her most recent post on Neighbors and New York City made me laugh out loud on the train. Actually, most of her posts do.

The design of this minimalist home is stunning.

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  1. Hey-hey! Thanks Daina!! I'm sure you could agree that NY neighbors create great fodder. We are really all too close to one another.


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