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Read & Watch:

I cannot stop checking on my cats on Neko Atsume. I am now a crazy cat lady both on my phone and in real life.

This makeup artist is AMAZING.

I watch so many shows at home by myself (hello Netflix). And I am guilty of doing (almost) all of these things.

Nike is expanding its shoe line for people with special needs.

Universal Studios plans to open a Wonka-inspired chocolate factory restaurant and I cannot wait to try it!

How the language of special education is evolving.


  1. Wow! You have the addition for your cats! Impressive! I bought my 16 year daughter a Tubbs tshirt and she loves it! :)

    1. That is awesome! I actually purchased some Neko Atsume washi tape this week on Amazon, which I am pretty excited about. I am currently saving up for my first yard expansion. The photo in the post was from the NY Times article. I feel so silly getting sucked into this game, but it is such a great way to destress after a crazy day at work! My colleagues and I all have cats and talk about them often.


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