Scenes from the weekend.

This weekend was very low key. On Friday night Brian and I watched Emily perform in her school's production of The Sound of MusicT. She did an amazing job! The rest of the weekend I relaxed in Astoria. I had a delicious brunch at Sanford's with my friend Vanessa, did some light shopping at Lockwood (I can't wait to wear my first enamel pins!), and watched a lot of Netflix. I also drove to Target by myself for the first time since owning a car in NYC! I have been hesitant to drive here (the roads are a lot more stressful than the Minnesota ones I learned on!), but I finally ripped off the bandaid so to speak last week. I celebrated my successful drive by stocking up on several cases of La Croix. How was your weekend?


  1. I love your photos Daina. I live in NYC through your blog ;-) All the way from Australia.
    Katrina xx

    1. Hey Katrina! Thank you so much for reading! It makes me so happy to hear you enjoy my posts from New York City. I hope you have a wonderful weekend in Australia! xoxo


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