Scenes from the weekend.

Hello spring! The trees were blossoming everywhere this weekend and it truly felt like the season arrived. Magnolia trees are my absolute favorite and the rows of them lining Park Avenue took my breath away on Saturday afternoon while I was running errands. I cannot wait for more flowers to pop up around the city. Also, warm weather and flowers also means Ralph's will be opening soon for the season. YAY!

This weekend we celebrated Emily's 11th birthday with Funfetti cake with chocolate icing per her request. We gave Em her first Project Life kits and we had a blast making our scrapbook pages together. I cannot wait to continue this project with her through the years! The Easter bunny also paid us a visit an evening early before Emily went back to Connecticut to celebrate the holiday with her mom and grandparents. Saturday afternoon we also took our first trip to the local batting cages to get Emily ready for her batting clinic this week. I loved hitting a few softballs, but my poor grip left me with a very sore hand! Honestly, several hours after we were there I could barely write. Clearly I need some practice!

On Easter Day Brian and I celebrated at a friends' apartment. As always, they treated us like family and cooked an amazing dinner. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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