Love, Brunch, and Whiskey

When my friends Brianne and Lindsey asked how I wanted to celebrate my upcoming wedding in New York City, I knew I didn't want a typical bachelorette party. I much prefer daytime activities around the city to nighttime activities at bars and clubs. So, we worked together to plan a "Daina Day," full of my favorite things! We started our day together with a delicious brunch at Vinegar Hill House. Lindsey brought a fun game to play while we ate and the girls also wrote down mystery memories for me to share. We also enjoyed some yummy cupcakes that Jen brought at the end of our meal.
After brunch we walked to the Brooklyn Navy Yards to tour the Kings County Distillery.
The tour was super informative and interesting! We learned all about the history, culture, and process of distilling bourbon. We also got to try lots of samples! 
Lindsey, Jacqueline, and I walked down to DUMBO after the tour for coffee and cookies at One Girl Cookies. We don't get to spend time together often, so it was so nice to catch up! Enjoying ice cream in the park was a part of our original plan, but the cold and misty weather was not ideal for chilly treats. We will just have to return to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory together once I am a Mrs.!

Thank you to all of my New York City ladies for such a wonderful day! 

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