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Read & Watch: 

6 things you didn't know about your favorite emoji in honor of World Emoji Day.

Who knew such a tiny bathroom could be so amazing?!

5 ways to keep cool when it is terribly hot.

10 things Lauren Conrad always keeps in her fridge. What's on your top ten list? Mine includes La Croix water, Amy's frozen burritos, and Italian cheeses.

What caffeine actually does to your body.

The Catalina Deluxe large canvas weekender bag looks amazing- I think it will be my next travel investment purchase!

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  1. That bathroom was amazing and I'm with you on the Amy's frozen burritos. I usually have one or two stashed in the freezer for the can't be bothered to cook for myself days. :) I really like the dairy free one: beans and rice. Which one do you enjoy the most?


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