Our New York City Wedding {us + the city}

After our ceremony at City Hall, Brian and I spent a couple hours driving around Brooklyn and Manhattan with our photographer in a 1969 checkered cab. We stopped at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Top of the Rock, and Gramercy Park Hotel. We loved talking to Peter, our chauffeur for the day, while we rode around town. He had so many amazing stories about celebrities who rented out his cab! Brian and I were both so happy and excited to be married and loved having time by ourselves to let it all sink in before our family dinner at Maialino.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your pics! Seems like a day that captures your spirit - just the right combo of simple and fun loving with a dash of elegance thrown in! You look stunning!!! And what a day to be photographed in your amazing city!!

    1. Thank you so much! We were so happy with how Jon captured our day. Getting married in the Big Apple was a dream come true. I will share our Minnesota reception photos soon! Same dress, but totally different feel than our NYC event.


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