First comes love, then comes marriage...

...then comes baby! We are 16 weeks along now and are all so excited to welcome Baby L. at the end of May.

Blogging was extremely challenging during my first trimester, hence the lack of posts for since September. Honestly all I could think about was sleeping. I slept more in those first 12 weeks than I have in my entire life! I was very grateful that my nausea never resulted in throwing up. I was so nervous about my two hour commute on the subway each day- the smells and crowds often make me feel sick even when I am not pregnant! But luckily I survived with lots of ice cold water, ginger chews, and Preggie Pop drops. I am feeling much better now and am more energetic every day.

If you have any must-have pregnancy or baby product recommendations please leave them in the comments below. We are creating our registries now and are a bit overwhelmed!

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