Paris is always a good idea.

Last summer my mom and I booked our third trip to Paris. We planned to travel there at the peak of spring (April 10-15, 2017) and hoped to see trees blossoming throughout the city as we explored. But, soon after confirming our hotel reservations and tentative flights my sisters and I all got pregnant and plans were put on hold. I knew that being in Paris at 33 weeks would be extremely challenging- the walking, lack of public restrooms, and inability to consume mass amounts of rosé and cheese would be too much to handle! My sister-in-law was also due the week of our vacation, and my parents wanted to be home in Minnesota when she went into labor. 

My mom ended up traveling to New York City when I was 33 weeks and we were able to check off a lot of items on my baby to-do list. We also had dinner at our favorite Parisian steakhouse and treated ourselves to a box of eclairs in honor of our vacation that could have been. 

I never shared photos from our trip to Paris in July 2015, so this week I am going to reminisce about our adventures in my favorite city in the world. We are excited to plan another vacation there with my baby girl in the near future! 

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