Double the Date, Double the Fun.

I am on an emotional high. Despite waking up feeling like a truck hit me and instantly chugging Robitussin Cough and Cold and popping Motrin like candy, I am happy. Pumped really. Because last night was one of those nights that was just perfect. It rocked. Let me tell you about all it all came to be...

Back in August, Jen and I went to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers together at MSG. While we were waiting for the great Mr. Petty to step on stage, we noticed an add for Guster coming in October. We talked about how we both liked the band, as did Brian and Mike, and that we should make a double date of it and go to the concert. Flash forward to September: After Brian and I saw and met Guster at the Life is Good Festival, we knew we needed to see them perform live again as soon as possible.
Brian has been following them for years (decades really) and was so excited at the thought of another concert. So, the week we got back from the festival, Brian searched online and called his ticket guy and scored us four tickets, row C, to the Guster show at the Beacon Theater. And then the countdown to the concert began.

After weeks of listening to Guster's new album, Easy Wonderful, on repeat, along with their five other albums, the day of the concert finally arrived. I dashed home from Brooklyn right after school, got ready, and ran back to the subway. Wearing my wooden shoes of course, ready for a night of rocking out and dancing.
I ran into Brian in Times Square and then was approached by a very drunk woman who made me smell her new purse because it smelled like a pony (yes, I am serious) before getting on the 2 train to head uptown. Then, we met Jen and Mike at Josie's for a delicious, organic dinner. It was the first time that they got to hang out with Brian, so I was excited for us to have time for a relaxing dinner before the show. There is nothing better than watching the person you love quickly dive into conversation with your close friends without any awkward introductions or small talk. I am so thankful that I met Jen in grad school and that we have remained great friends after our days at NYU. Halfway through out dinner, we looked over and saw Adam from Guster standing at the table next to us about to sit down. Brian casually said, "Hey Adam," like he was just an old friend catching up. We talked for a minute about the show and opening act, and told him how we loved getting to meet him and the band at Life is Good last month. I try to act cool and casual when seeing or meeting celebrities and remind myself that they are just normal people like myself. But let's face it, inside I was screaming with excitement to be eating dinner right next to the guy I was about to sing along with at his band's concert. After Adam got up to leave, we took that as our cue to pay the check and head to Beacon Theater for the opening act.
After Jukebox the Ghost played, we had a few minutes while they were resetting the stage to admire how incredibly breathtaking the Beacon Theater is. The entire venue is beautifully designed and detailed, from the intricately painted ceiling to the gold statues and armor decorating the walls and doorways.
Our seats were perfect, and sound in the theater was perfect, and Guster was perfect. I danced and sang along to every song with a huge smile across my face. And I was not alone in my happiness and joy. I actually looked over at one point and caught Brian fist pumping by himself as he belted out the lyrics, and continued to see him do exactly that throughout the remainder of the two hour concert. My camera hung around my neck throughout the show and did not let me down. I snapped hundreds of photos as I sang along to my favorite songs. After Ryan explained the irony of having so many songs about Jesus on their new record despite not really believing in God, they started playing my favorite song from Easy Wonderful- Stay With Me Jesus. It has blasted through my headphones each and every morning on my way to work since I got the CD, and I will continue to play it in the coming weeks. Brian and I got a nervous feeling as each song was coming to an end, scared that it would be the last of the evening. After saying "Goodnight" while literally making the quotation gesture with his hands, Ryan and the gang came back on stage for a four song encore and an unplugged performance of Jesus on the Radio.
Brian was beyond amazing on the drums all night; he moves way to fast to get a picture of! 
After the show, Brian and I could not stop talking about how amazing it was. Our conversation continued when we woke up this morning, and will probably trickle into the next few weeks when we are reminiscing about our wonderful date night. Thank you Jen and Mike for coming with us to such an amazing show. And hats off to Guster- YOU ROCK!

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