Making a list, checking it twice...

This weekend, I had a list in my mind of things I wanted to accomplish. I am a serious list maker. Sometimes, I write them down on one of my many Target dollar section notepads, while other times I make them in my mind and refer to them throughout the day. On Saturday, my list was not only manageable, but seriously enjoyable. Here is my list of checked off accomplishments... and all that happened in between.

1. Make a dent in my stack of unread magazines. I subscribe to US Weekly, In Style, and Real Simple. In the summer, I had no problem reading them every month. But now, I am seriously behind. I can usually get through my US's at the gym, but my In Styles and Real Simples are a bit more challenging since I actually read them rather than just skimming them and browsing the pictures. I am still no where near done, but I am at least halfway through my thick September issue with not 1, not 2, but 600 pages of fall fashion!
After an hour of reading while slowly sipping my morning coffee, I threw on some gym clothes, zipped my favorite hooded sweatshirt, and popped in my Ipod headphones and was off to check off some of the errands on my mental list. I walked outside my apartment and was greeted by the most beautiful fall leaves and 64 degree weather. Thank you New York City weather gods for giving us such a beautiful weekend.
Onto the next item on my list...
2. Treat myself to my weekly manicure. Color of the week: You Don't Know Jacques!

3. Pick up a piece of my favorite bread at La Casa del Pan on Broadway. Thank god I do not live closer to this Colombian bakery, otherwise I would need a cheese bread intervention. It is that good.
4. Pop into Gap, Bath and Body Works, and other stores on Steinway to check out the sales and the first batch of holiday merchandise. Even though we were nowhere near the winter temperatures and blizzard conditions like in Minnesota yesterday, there were still little signs everywhere that the holidays are right around the corner. And I am happy to admit that I purchased my first Christmas gift yesterday. The shopping, gift-buying season has begun.
5. Go to the gym. Yay me, I finally made it back onto an Eliptical after a rough few weeks away from the gym.
6. Get ready and head to Brooklyn for my school's Fall Fling event. We had a great staff and family turnout at the event and raised a lot of money for our school through both the silent and live auctions. This year, we had our first "Staffle Raffle." Teachers and staff members donated their time for play dates, and families could purchase $2 raffle tickets for a chance to win their play date of choice. I can't wait for my raffle winner and his buddy of choice to come to my apartment on a weekend to bake cookies and play board games with me! Some other play dates were knitting lessons, a day at the Museum of Natural History, roller skating at Chelsea Piers, and climbing trees in Fort Greene Park. The Staffle Raffle raised almost $5,000! It was amazing to see the children's excitement as they picked their play dates and turned in their raffle tickets.
My Sunday list does not have as many items checked off yet, but I am working on it. This morning, I met Brian and Emily at the movies to see Megamind. We didn't love it, but it was still fun to be at the theater eating nachos, popcorn, and taking in a movie before noon.
After the movie, we walked back to my apartment to have lunch and play with Boo. Emily was in an extra silly mood, and made up and sang songs the whole way back.
Once we got home, Emily helped me make some homemade whole wheat waffles for lunch. She did a great job measuring the ingredients and mixing the batter. She picked out her favorite cat toys from Boo's basket and played with her while I cooked her waffle. We had lunch while watching the beginning of Enchanted for the hundredth time. I think I love that movie as much as Emily does!
Unfortunately, it is now 5 o'clock and my list is no where near completed for the day. Items left to be checked off: laundry, grocery shopping, vacuuming, gym, and watching the Patriots game with Brian. Eek, this is not looking good. Here I go! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got some items checked off your to-do lists. And remember, laying around and doing nothing is often on my list of things to do over the weekend!

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