Florida Weekend- Day One of Fun

This morning I left my winter coat, hat, and mittens in my front hall closet and instead bundled up in my new spring coat and scarf as I headed out the door to Laguardia Airport. I watched the sky morph from black to fire red as I waited at my gate for my early morning flight to Florida.
Last week, I booked a last minute trip to Tampa to stay with my sister, brother in law, and nieces for my birthday weekend. I usually have to wait through months of counting down the days before departing on a trip, so it was a nice change only have to wait a week before I was off. I paged through my January issue of Real Simple as I watched the Manhattan skyline get smaller and smaller. 
And a few shorts hours later, the view out my window changed from the grays of the New York City winter to the bright waters and sandy beaches of Florida. I had made it to the one state out of fifty that currently is without snow. 
The air was crisp and cool with temperatures in the 50's, so I opted for a hot coffee as I waited in baggage claim. After my sister picked me up, we headed to pick the girls up from school. 
As we stepped into Kindercare and I saw the different rooms filled with kids, I was instantly brought back to my days of naps on those little plastic cots and (groan) being asked to eat beets with the other kids in my class. Luckily, they opted for macaroni and cheese for Sage's meal today instead of those scary red vegetables. We picked up Sage first, and then met Reese after her Spanish class. She excitedly walked me around her classroom and hallway, showing me calendars, cubbies, art projects, and her writing. She was beaming, I was beaming, it was wonderful. 
Reese eagerly talked about her upcoming birthday on Sunday, and I could not help but think about the day she arrived five years ago. She has grown into an amazing little girl, and I am so lucky to get to be her auntie. And even though her birthday is not right around the corner, I can't not mention Sage too. I just love these girls!
After school, we headed home to hang out. Before I even got my suitcase in the door, the girls were bringing books and toys out to the garage to show me. They continued to show me knick knacks, dolls, and pictures as they gave me a tour of their new home. We played in the playroom, ate some lunch, and took a nap as Despicable Me played on the DVD player. 
The event of the evening was a family trip to Target. This is always a treat when I come to Tampa. Before we piled into the car, the girls took it upon themselves to grab their bike and trike and do a couple of loops around the garage. 
Did I really need anything from Target tonight? Nope. But true to form, I walked out with some food, a Valentine's picture frame, a photo album, and some shampoo. That is the joy of Target. Oh, and getting to see two little girls playing and laughing as we strolled through the aisles. Simple joy. 

I can't wait for another two days of relaxing and hanging out in the Sunshine State. Happy weekend everyone!

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