In a Rut.

After the New Year's countdown happened and the confetti was swept up around the city, I felt rejuvenated. I was excited to close 2010 and gear up for an adventurous year in 2011. I just felt in my bones that this year was going to be wonderful; that great things were in store for me and the people around me.

And then Monday came. I woke up in a panic at 5:15 after my four IPhone alarms did not go off between 4:45 and 5 am. Later I found out that I was not alone in my early morning panic; no IPhone alarms went off on Monday, leaving many late for their first day back at work in the new year. I raced around my apartment frantically getting ready for my first day back at work with a new co-teacher. I managed to get to school by seven (I commute an hour), and raced through a lengthy to-do list before the kids arrived. My franticness continued throughout the week, with a trip upstate to Cold Spring on Wednesday to interview people about their rural transportation needs and late night planning sessions followed by more early morning alarms. By Friday, I was exhausted. I fell asleep on the couch around 9:30 (like most 25 year olds in New York City, right?! Eek, sometimes I feel 85.), and ended up staying on that couch most of Saturday cruising through my DVR box and season two of True Blood. By early evening on Saturday, I was feeling a little down. One mere week after the magical midnight countdown and thoughts of resolutions and goals, I was spending countless hours on my couch in my pajamas. I peeled myself off of the couch cushions, threw on some yoga pants and sneakers, and walked through the cold night air to the gym. I just needed to do something. I felt better after the exercise endorphins kicked in, and decided that Sunday would be different. I set goals for an early morning workout, breakfast with Brian and Emily, and afternoon shopping in the city for my upcoming trip to Florida. And, drum roll please... I even ventured to cook dinner for Brian. This will be the second time in five years that I have set out to independently put a meal on the table (my fingers are crossed as my lasagna bubbled in the oven). And with this energy kick, I also want to share my resolutions for 2011. I think it will help me knowing that they are out there for you to see, and me to keep. So, here they are:

1. Continue my resolution from 2010 to send some real, good old fashion mail at least once a week to someone. Who doesn't love to open the mailbox and see a handwritten letter in the stack with the dreaded junk mail and bills, right? I need to expand my mailing list this year, and really stick to it!

2. Read the three Digital Photography Books by Scott Kelby that are sitting on my bookshelf, all crisp and new, calling my name. And as I read, I hope to improve my photography skills and take hundreds thousands of pictures this year.

3. Try yoga. I can't believe it has taken me 25 years to finally do it.

4. I have talking about it every summer for years, and this year I hope I do it instead of talk about it: Rent bikes and zoom down the West Side Highway and around downtown.

5. Learn how to cook five meals well. Sadly, this is the scariest of my five resolutions.

So there you have it. I am sure I will add more goals throughout the year, but one week in and almost two seasons of True Blood under my belt, this is what I am rolling with. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and stay tuned for more pictures of one of my favorite things, donuts. Yum.


  1. All of blogland is in a rut :(

    I love your #5 resolution. Great idea!

  2. it takes an HOUR to get to work!?! I thought my 35-40 min drive was bad. Bummer :/

  3. Yeah, my commute is an hour door to door. The good thing is most of it is on the train, which means I can read, knit, listen to my Ipod, etc. So it is not so bad. An hour in a car with traffic would be much worse!


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