The Magic of Fairy Tales and Birthdays

On January 16th, Reese woke up a 5 year old. She jumped out of bed and eagerly headed downstairs to play and look at her presents, neatly wrapped in pink and purple paper. Tangled birthday balloons hung from her chair and treat bags were stuffed and neatly lined up in the kitchen. And lucky for us, the early morning birthday excitement continued all day long.
After breakfast and a little playtime, Reese was allowed to open one special present early, before family and friends arrived for the official birthday party in the afternoon. And with that present, a new 5 year old princess Rapunzel was born.
Once James, Song, and Lee arrived, pizzas were ordered and devoured as the girls opened their treat bags full of stickers, lip gloss, and noise makers.
Then, presents were delivered one by one to the birthday girl. It was so fun to watch her eyes light up with each new gift, and help her unpack her new toys, DVDs, and clothes. Sage ran over after each present and tried to get in on the action whenever she could. I even got to open a gift or two, and went home with an array of cupcake scented lip glosses, sanitizers, candles, and sprinkles to use on my next baking project. Like Sage's shirt said, It's a Cupcake Day. 
And then came my favorite part of any birthday- lighting the candles, making wishes for the upcoming year, and enjoying cake with loved ones.
Even after a week back in the city, I still find myself thinking about my weekend in Florida and how grateful I am to have spent Reese's birthday with her. I wish I lived down the street from my sister, so at a moment's notice I could pop over for a movie night or day in the playroom coloring and doodling on chalkboards. But luckily, I am only a short plane ride away. I miss my girls like crazy!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a fun Birthday for her!! And her cake was awesome!!


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