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A fellow blogger, Kimberly (Yep, They Are All Mine), commonly posts for the love of lists, a collection of events, thoughts, and feelings from her week. I always love reading her blog, and being a list lover, I especially like her lists. Over the past month, there have been a lot of things that I have wanted to share, but have not had the time or the place to really write about them. So, inspired by Kimberly, I decided to make a list of my own. But instead of for the love of lists, I decided to write a list of love. Here are several things that I love that have happened over the past month...

1. Visiting my Grandma in Northern Minnesota

After the holidays, my little brother and I grabbed my old CD books from high school and cups of coffee, and drove up north to spend the day with my grandma. She lives about two hours north of my parents in Crosby, Minnesota. The drive there can at times be, well, boring, with a 76 mile stretch on one road without much to see. But in the winter, it was enchanting. Snow mobiles drove parallel to us most of the way up, and when they weren't there their tracks of winter adventures still lined the highway. And once we got closer, ice house villages popped up on the frozen lakes. The sights simply made me happy.
Once we arrived at my grandma's, I got even happier. I feel so incredibly lucky to still have my grandma in my life, and to know that she is healthy and safe in her new home in Crosby. All of the staff there are kind and gentle, and it warmed my heart as each person walked past my grandma with a friendly "Hello!" or "How are you, Doris?" She beamed as she introduced Lucas and I, and talked about how we live in Chicago and New York and were home for the holidays to see her. We caught up over lunch, and continued to chat as we gave her a manicure back in her apartment. Lucas even got in on the nail action by taking off her polish before I went in to file and paint. I looked at old photo albums as my grandma told me stories about how her and my grandpa met over 50 years ago. I miss him every time I see my grandma, as does she every day, but getting to talk about him with her and remembering all of the times we spent together helps. After talking with my grandma that afternoon, I got the idea of keeping a journal of all of the stories that she, along with my Grandma and Grandma Carter, tell me so I never forget them.
Once the sun began to set across the cold winter sky, Lucas and I said our goodbyes and headed back to the cities. We made it home with only one stop to pose in front of a giant walleye. I mean, legend says that it was caught out of Mille Lacs by Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox after a three day struggle. Definitely picture worthy.

2. Sunday mornings at Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Writing about Peter Pan Bakery will never get old (for me, that is). A few weeks ago, Brian had a rental car for the weekend, and with that rental car came a mid-morning drive from Queens to Brooklyn for our favorite donuts. As we stepped into the packed bakery, Hannah and Matt were already sitting at the bar sipping coffee and finishing some egg and cheeses. Hannah introduced me to the bakery last year, and I had a feeling we would run into her that morning. Lucky for us, there were three empty stools right next to them. We sat, donuts and coffees were ordered, and we chowed down.
After Emily devoured two donuts in a matter of minutes and snuck a bite of bacon from one of our sandwiches, her only request was more bacon. So, a plate of bacon she had. She eyed it longingly before diving in.
I love how every time I go to Peter Pan, I feel like I have stepped back in time. It is just a magical place. Their egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches and red velvet donuts will forever have a place in my heart.

3. 5 Pointz in Long Island City
Brian and I drive by the 5 Pointz from time to time to check out the new graffiti art. The 5 Pointz is an outdoor art exhibit space in Queens where graffiti artists can paint pieces on walls, windows, and doors that anyone can see and enjoy. And it amazes me every time. It is just so cool.

4. Girl Talk
Last Friday, my girlfriends from work and I trekked to Williamsburg in the frigid temperatures to celebrate Hannah's birthday. We ate a delicious meal at Mesa Coyoacan as we sipped margaritas and relaxed after a long week at work. After dinner, we took a car to our first bar. The music was classic, the drinks were cheap, and the hipsters were out full force. We toasted to the birthday girl as she drank her birthday cake shot and laughed as we chatted at the bar. Then, we went to The Woods to close out the night. I always have a blast hanging out with the girls from work.
On Saturday, my girl time continued. Joanna and I met up at Port Authority and got on the bus to Hoboken, NJ to spend the afternoon with Jen and Max. We caught up over a homemade lunch of mac and cheese and steamed broccoli, and indulged on Starbucks donuts for dessert.
Being the wild and crazy teachers we are, we broke out the peppermint hot chocolate after lunch and continued to talk as we sipped our delicious drinks. It was a perfect way to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

5. Manicures
A very excited 5 year old ready for pretty pink nails!
On Sunday, Emily, Brian, and I took a trip to Bamboo Nails to get manicures. We helped Emily find the perfect pink, and sat down to be pampered. Emily and I went first as Brian snapped pictures. As Emily's nails got the final coat painted on, the manicurist asked Brian if he wanted his done too. He was not originally planning on it, but since I would still be there for awhile he said, "Sure, why not."
And with those three words, Brian had his first manicure. What a great dad, spending the day with the girls doing girly things.
If you were making a List of Love from the past few days/weeks/month, what would you include?

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  1. Those manicure shots are great!

    Thanks for the shout out ;) Lists are fun, right?


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