A happy day.

Today was a really happy day. And it all started with putting on a new pair of shoes... Here is how they ended up on my feet.

When I return from a shopping trip, it is a guarantee that the following words will come out of my mouth, Well, it was supposed to be _______, but I only paid ______. To which Brian usually responses, Daina, it wasn't supposed to be anything, that's just a way to get you to buy it. What can I say, I am a sucker for sales.

But seriously, I feel too proud not to share this deal. Because I found the best stinking sale on my new Bensimons. They were supposed to be $58.00, but I only paid $9.95! And, with our magical 65 degree weather today, I even got to wear them in the middle of February, with a cardigan instead of a winter coat may I add. Double score. I knew they would be perfect for my day out in the city with my second graders.
After lunch, my class took off for an afternoon trip to Tom Otterness's play structure on 42nd Street and 11th Avenue. We walked by some of his other work on our way to the Jay Street station in Brooklyn and saw the Life Underground pieces as we looked out the A train windows at 14th Street in Manhattan, which only added to our excitement. By the time we finally reached the playground, the kids were over the moon excited. We ran, we slid, we laughed, we played. The afternoon just rocked. I wish I could post pictures of my kids, because I got the best shots of them today. There is nothing like a happy class playing and having fun! So pictures of the structure itself will have to do... just imagine the happy, smiling, beautiful children. 
What else brings a smile to my face today? Finally seeing the little yellow arrow on my calendar on Friday. The Friday before a week of No School post-its. I can't wait for my stay-cation in NYC for the next nine days. Nine days to catch up on life. 
I hope to be posting a lot over the next week with my New York City adventures. Happy weekend! 

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