Wings and beer and desserts, oh my!

On Saturday night, Brian and I bundled up and battled the frigid temperatures to meet up with friends in Manhattan for a night of wings and beer.
We caught up with Lindsey, Brendan, Sabrina, and Wally as we plowed through plates of hot wings and pitchers of beer (who can resists, a free plate of wings with every two pitchers?!).
The boys played Galaga as the girls chat about the usual- boys and shopping.
It was great to get to know Wally better, one of Lindsey's friends that I was introduced to at her bridal shower last month. And it is always a treat to get to hang out with Sabrina, one of our roommates from our Italy days.
When we ordered our fifth and six pitchers of beer with a mound of nachos towards the end of the evening, we realized we were all in a little over our heads. But, we rose to the challenge and ate those too.
It was a really fun night out with friends. Brian and I hadn't hung out with Lindsey and Brendan in years, and it felt really nice to all be back together again. It made me realize that we need to plan some double dates or nights out with friends more often!

Since we were already on the Upper West Side and were in need of some dessert, Brian and I walked up a few blocks to Cafe Lalo to continue our date night out. The outside of the cafe screams romance, and the inside is just as cute. It is the perfect place for a dessert date.
We shared the most delicious apple pie that was covered in a gooey cinnamon and walnut crust, and a piece of carrot cake. After the desserts were eaten and our stomachs were stuffed, we splurged on a cab ride back to Queens.
Saturday night was the perfect mix of friends, food, and love. I heart date nights!

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