Lazy Sunday

After our night of marathon eating on Saturday, Brian and I had a very lazy Sunday morning. We slowly woke up to steaming hot cups of coffee as the sun lit up the living room.
Then, Brian's Sunday morning got a little less lazy as he started to make our at-home brunch. When he asked me what I wanted to eat, I jokingly rattled off a list of all of my favorite breakfast foods- french toast, an omelet, bacon, and potatoes. Little did I know, he then set out to make all of those things. He headed to the grocery store to collect the final ingredients and then got to work in the kitchen. He used some leftover food from Cafe Lalo the night before to make a perfect vegetable omelet, whipped up eggs that were soaked into whole wheat bread for french toast, and perfectly cooked Sunday bacon. We were even able to refry the organic potatoes that came with his sandwich the night before as the final component of our meal.
It was all so good! We watched Friends as we scraped our plates clean, and then continued to watch episodes as we lazily laid on the couch.
As the afternoon hours slowly ticked away, we realized we had a lot to do before our evening plans. So, we kicked up our energy into high gear and got moving. Brian, my hero, carried my 30+ pounds of laundry down my four flights of stairs and around the corner to the laundromat. While he did laundry, I ran some errands and cleaned the apartment. By the time my cleaning was done, I met back up with Brian to help fold the ridiculous amount of clean clothes that took up three jumbo dryers. We raced to the gym after the clothes were put away to get in a quick training session before dinner.

Sara, a close friend from Minnesota, is in town for the week for a show at the Javits Center. This is the third show she has had in the city this year, and I get giddy every time she is in town. We always manage to meet up a few times throughout the week she is here to dine and shop. Last night, she ventured to Queens to check out my apartment before going to dinner. I figured she deserved some Peeps, one of our favorite springtime snacks, for making the trip seven months pregnant to my borough from her warm hotel room in Manhattan.

For dinner, we chowed down on deep fried pickles and pastrami, taquitos, burgers, fries, and steak at Five Napkin burger. And when you give a girl a burger and fries, she is going to ask for a shake to go with them. So, we split a cookies and cream shake to complete our night of very guilty eating. Dining with Sara when she is pregnant is the best because she is game for eating anything! Now, if only I had a reason to explain why I am also always down for eating so much... I am really looking forward to another night out with Sara this week. Winter break is off to a great start!

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