A new book, moccasins, and birthday presents. It's all about the little things.

Here are some little things that made a big difference in my week...

A new book. After weeks of sleeping on the subway and browsing gossip magazines, I have returned to a real book. And it feels so good. I am really enjoying Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
Moccasin booties. I am obsessed. Minnetonka Mocassins have always had a place in my heart, and now Minnetonka booties do as well. 
Birthday presents. I am so thankful for all of the cards and birthday messages that I received last week for my 27th birthday. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. As always, my sister sent me the most amazing package of goodies that brightened my week. Isn't the wrapping paper so cute? I couldn't resist snapping some pictures before I unwrapped my gifts. I am eager to update my workout mix with my new Lady Gaga CD!
Homemade pasta. Brian and I discovered Barbarini last summer (you can read more about our summer visits here and here), and it quickly became one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. Every time we trek downtown to the South Street Seaport, I make sure to order one of the restaurant's homemade pastas. I was eager for my parents to try Barbarini when they were in town, and the cold weather made the Italian comfort foods even more appealing. I thoroughly enjoyed my handmade spaghetti with sausage ragu. And best of all, I loved dining with Brian and my parents on my day off of work!
Exploring a rural area. For the past three weeks, my second graders have been learning about different types of communities and their transportation needs. After learning about urban communities and interviewing people around school about the types of transportation they use, we took a trip to the Top of the Rock observation deck to see our city from above. Next, we learned about suburban areas and traveled to Cold Spring, New York on the Metro North to interview suburbanites and explore Main Street. This week, we took our third and final trip to a farm in Goshen, New York to interview farmers about their rural community and transportation needs. Despite the cold weather, rain, and mud, we had a wonderful time walking around the rural area, observing traffic (or lack there of), and interviewing farmer John and his crew. I can't say it enough- I love my job.
Hope your week was full of little things that made you happy! Cheers to a fun and relaxing weekend!


  1. Yay for birthday presents, and your coffee mug next to your book, which I really like, too. :)

  2. looove that wrapping paper! happy birthday! loving your blog!

  3. That wrapping IS adorable - nothing like sisterly love :)

    And those moccasins are adorable too!

    Hope you have a great weekend Daina!


  4. cute moccasins!! happy belated birthday :-)

  5. I love all the photos on your blog! just amazing!

  6. Love all of those things, too...especially the new booties!

  7. lovely shots, makes me miss the city! Oh well, someday.

    Have a good Sunday,

  8. Happy Birthday! I'm loving those booties... especially with the gray socks underneath. Love!

  9. Oh i love love love your pictures here, ...your bday presents :0
    and the moccasans (i will never know how to spell it)i grew up with those b/c i believe they are a minnesota company! i live in the cold midwest!
    Your blog is lovely and so are you!

  10. I just love your photos Daina and loved hearing about your class field trips! I'm sure the kids loved it! What fun!! :) Thanks for linking up with the simple things this week.

  11. Happy belated Birthday! I just finished that book and it was amazing! Hope you share your thoughts!!


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