Day at the Museum

Although the weekend with my parents was mostly filled with trips to restaurants and bakeries around the city, we managed to fit in a few sights over the course of the three days. After battling the cold on Saturday and Sunday, we decided to spend Monday morning at the American Museum of Natural History. We wandered the Hall of Minerals and Hall of Gems, admiring the cases of garnets, sapphires, and rare diamonds (this is my favorite section of the museum!). Afterwards, we spent time in the Halls of Biodiversity and Ocean Life. We had a wonderful time exploring the museum together!


  1. I love that museum. Last time I went was last year during the holiday season. Big mistake... Next time I'll wait for it to be a little less crowded.

    Also, I think I saw your boyfriend at Sugar Freak once. I recognized him from your blog but didn't say anything because I didn't want to seem creepy :-)

  2. we did a scavenger hunt here 2 summers ago for one of my girlfriend's birthdays - it was SO cool!

    also, random, i think about you every morning! lol before you think i am a total creep, here's why...i got a cd to listen to in the car with my little boy called "for the kids" (i think?) and it's got great original songs by really cool artists, because the last thing i could stomach on my commute from hell is an hour's worth of elmo. anyway, there's a song on there by guster!!! i had never heard of them till i saw them on your blog, so now every time that song comes on (which is a great and hilarious song, BTW, have you heard it?) i am reminded of you and your love for them :)

    have a great day!

  3. I'd love to visit that museum, it's definitely on my must-see list!

    Such a cute pic of you and Brian - I love your sweater! :)


  4. Wow, really love your shots of the gemstones - they look REALLY professional, not to mention pretty :)


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