A little video from Florida, with love.

The past four days in Florida have been wonderful. So much playing, laughing, hugging, snuggling, reading, swimming, and relaxing. Here is a little video with some of the highlights. More pictures and posts about my vacation coming soon...
(All video filmed on my iphone using the 8mm camera app. Music by Ingrid Michaelson.) 


  1. This is so cute I can't stand it!

  2. You are the best auntie ever.

    Love the dancing scene :)

  3. I am DYING to make a movie like this! So beautiful!!

    After seeing Elizabeth's on E Tells Tales, I was os inspired. Did you edit with YouTube? I tried to make one in Picasa but can't figure out how to get the music file compatible.


    thanks for sharing!


  4. I love the videos you do of your trips...what a wonderful keepsake! Your nieces dancing was adorable!

  5. This video is... ADORABLE! You have the cutest nieces! Looks like you had a great time in Florida!


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