Life according to Instagram, Week 6 (Part 1, Florida).

I usually wait to share all of my favorite Instagram shots from the week on Sundays, but I thought I would post in two parts this week since I have so many pictures from my time in Florida. So, here is life according to Instagram: Florida addition. 
1. So, so happy to be in the sunshine state with my family.
2. We spent the afternoon on Sunday at You Do the Dishes painting our own pottery. I loved everything about this place.
3. Cloudy, cool Sunday in Tampa.
4. Gray Florida skies.
5. Sage's first Instagram picture. Pretty good, right?
6. So happy to be at a suburban Target! Walked in not needing anything; walked out two hours later with $70 worth of merchandise. Happens every time.
7. One of my biggest weaknesses.
8. This bag was consumed before leaving the parking lot.
9. This might be one of my favorite pictures to date on Instagram. I love these girls so much.
10. Afternoon naps outside.
11. Breakfast at Wolf's Den. The pancakes were no joke.
12. A morning game of Sequence with Sage outside, complete with a king size bag of Twizzlers.
13. Heaven.
14. Reese lying out in the sun after a busy day at school.
15. Afternoon clouds.
16. Florida at its finest.
17. My sister and I made cake pops for the first time on Tuesday night. They turned out so well!
18. Sometimes, it is okay to just have a cake pop for breakfast.
19. Reese the kindergartener!
20. Volunteering at Reese's school for the morning.
21. My finished mug! I love, love, love it!
22. One of the many perks of my sister's house- 15 boxes of sugary cereal. I thoroughly enjoyed Apple Jacks, Cheerios, and Fruit Loops all week.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Want to follow me on Instagram? My username is Daina_A.


  1. Looks like Florida treated you very well! I just told Steve a few weeks ago I wanted to go to one of those painting pottery places. Too funny! I leave for AZ in 4 days, these photos get me excited for my own taste of summer weather.

  2. Looks like such an amazing trip, and you're so right, the pic of those two sets of adorable little girl shoes is fridge worthy :)

    Love how your mug turned out!


  3. Looks like fun! I always love seeing pics of your neices, they are so cute! Makes me miss my nephews even more.

  4. Target and Mini Cadbury eggs are 2 of my favorite things! Your mug came out amazing!

  5. Im from Tampa!! I love it and miss it! The beaches are amazing

  6. I love your mug, and the photo of your girls colourful skirts and tights! :) If you ever change your header, that might deserve to be featured!

  7. oh yes, that IS a great instagram pic! Like the others ones too, though!

    Happy Sunday,


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