Life according to Instagram, Week 7.

My week in review, brought to you by Instagram...
1. Before our road trip on Sunday, we stocked up on donuts at Peter Pan. Best old fashioned donuts ever.
2. Road trip! I love taking road trip adventures with Brian. We spent the day in Philadelphia catching up with his Tough Mudder team.
3. & 4. Philly cheese steaks at Geno's. I ordered one, whiz, without and it was delicious.
5. Downtown Manhattan from the BQE.
6. Heading back to New York City after our day in Philly.
7. Brooklyn sunset from my classroom.
8. Pancakes- it's what's for dinner.
9. Tulips brightened up my desk this week.
10. Views through a subway window from my morning ride on the Q train.
11. Excited for brunch at Eatery! On my way into Manhattan on Saturday.
12. Rainy Saturday morning essentials- a favorite umbrella and Hunter wellies.
13. I love these ladies. I had a great time catching up with Jen and Joanna at brunch on Saturday morning. I am so excited for all that is to come for these two this year!
14. 57th Street subway station.

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  1. I may have gotten some tulips at Meijer yesterday after seeing yours! ;) How do you like your Hunter wellies? I'm thinking about getting some after I get my tax return.

  2. Cute one with the hood on! Looks like you take advantage of cute stuff on rainy days :)


  3. I just love how you capture the little things! The best parts of life! :) Have a great week.

  4. I found your blog via twitter and I'm loving it! Jealous of those Hunter boots, too. :)

  5. Hello, from France! Find you via "The Simple Things". I love your blog! I love NYC... We visited NY in 2010 and hope coming back with the children next year....

  6. My favorite post of the week... Looks like a fun trip!

  7. Yum. Those donuts look amazing. I want some now!

  8. Such great pictures! Road trips are the best. :)

    ~ Christina


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