Scenes from a Saturday

Today was absolute perfection in New York City. The skies were blue, the sun was out, and the city was buzzing with activity. Like most New Yorkers, I chose to spend the afternoon out and about wandering the city streets. I eagerly strapped on my sandals, slid on my aviators, and headed downtown to spend the afternoon around Union Square.

I shopped up and down 5th Avenue, watched the Occupy protestors demonstrate in the square, strolled through the Greenmarket, and picked up some books for upcoming adventures. And I think I was smiling the entire time. It was one of those days where I continuously thought, God, I love it here. I am so lucky to live here. My heart was very happy today.
Thanks Meg for the song recommendation- it played on my iPhone all day today! 
It was a beautiful day to be in New York City.


  1. Every single one of your posts make me want to visit New York even more!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the objects you decided to capture. Awww and the good ole' NQR trains...


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