Life according to Instagram, Week 22.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Sunday Funday at Peter Pan.
2. Emily, our little diva.
3. Brian caffeinated and ready to bowl!
4. My favorite skyline; photo taken while enjoying treats from the Williamsburg Flea.
5. Peanut butter and jelly macaron from Bouchon Bakery = pure deliciousness.
6. Are you a member of the Godiva chocolate club? The free monthly chocolate is the best perk! I enjoyed the roasted almond truffle while shopping.
7. I love that I get to walk by Radio City on my shopping trips to Rockefeller Center.
8. I admit it- I have listened to this song on repeat for a week straight. I just can't get enough of it! It makes me feel like my 14 year old self again. 
9. Fresh haircuts make me smile! 
10. Back on my old stomping ground. 
11-14. I stopped at Sockerbit after my haircut for some of my favorite gummies. 
15. Airport treats. 
16. Ready to head to Minnesota! 
17-20. Our first morning in Minnesota we enjoyed treats from our favorite bakery, Jack's Bakery. The glazed croissants are my absolute favorite. We loved our donuts so much that we got more Saturday morning. 
21. Visiting my Grandma A. 
22. I love looking through her old jewelry boxes. 
23. My little Sage-face .
24. Fudge pops and a game of War. 
25. Uno. 
26. Sister love. 
27. My Grandma C. brought me my favorite angel food cake on Friday. She made it for me for my birthday every year when I was younger, and it was a very special treat to enjoy this week! 
28. Making Rice Krispie treats with Grandpa Chuck. 
29. My beautiful little sister, Katie, at her wedding rehearsal. 
30. My four younger brothers (Cody, Connor, Lucas, and Duncan) at the rehearsal dinner. 
31. Reese was all smiles this weekend! 
32. Me and my mom. 

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  1. I love all of these photos - especially all the tasty goodies! You eat the best sweets!

  2. Congrats to your sister - looks like such a wonderful time! Love the pic of little miss diva - and those sweets look soooo yummy :)


  3. I love Emily's and Brian's pictures in the beginning. So funny! Looks like a lovely week filled with good company and good food! When I keep listening to that same song, my husband keeps making fun of me. But I don't care! It makes me want to get moving!

  4. ::plonk::

    Godiva choccies!
    The abundance of pastries!


    Heh heh.

    Loving all the photos, though, they're fabulous!

  5. Aww, love every single one of them!


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