Coffee, quilts, and unexpected mail. It's all about the little things.

Here are some little things from the past few weeks that made me smile...

A new mug and a comforting cup of coffee. Ever since my detox/cleanse a few weeks ago, I have looked at coffee differently. It is still just as delicious and comforting, but it is no longer something that I need to have every day (yet...). But I have decided that there is still nothing better than slowly sipping cups of coffee on lazy weekend mornings. Especially when the coffee is in my new cute mug (thanks Jill for the adorable bridal party gift!).
A fresh manicure and pedicure. I love getting my nails done. Love. Thanks a Windmillion has definitely been my favorite color this spring. I feel so lucky to have $15 mani/pedis a few blocks from my house!
An unexpected package. Real mail makes me so happy. I love the act of sending it- picking out the perfect stationary, sealing the envelope with a sticker, and dropping it in the mailbox knowing that its final destination will be in the hands of a loved one. It makes me just as happy to receive it. Last week I got a special "just because" package from my dad, and it made my day. I used the cookie press last weekend, the new book series is on my shelf ready to be read, and the picture of my dad posing next to D-A-I-N-A at the Grand Canyon is now framed on my fridge.
Mud. A few weekends ago Emily and I wanted to make a treat. It was too hot to bake, so we decided to make mud together for the first time. When I suggested making mud, Emily initially looked terrified. But once she realized it called for chocolate pudding, chocolate cookies, and gummy worms she was all smiles.
The results were delicious!
A new quilt. The gift shop at my Grandma A.'s retirement community in Northern Minnesota is always full of handmade treasures crafted by the residents. Last fall I purchased the softest, warmest, hand-knit scarf at the bargain price of $9. And last weekend I found this amazing small quilt for only $15! I love the bright colors and cute patterns. Even though my grandma didn't make it, it will always remind me of her and our visit.
Bloom. After months of anticipation, I finally read Bloom this week. Kelle Hampton is an amazing woman with an amazing story, and I enjoyed every page of her memoir. I didn't want it to end!
What little things are making you smile this week? 


  1. Love all your smile-inducing examples; that quilt, in particular, is AMAZEBALLS.

    Hmmm, what's making me smile this week?

    Good food, writing, my husband, food, red lipstick, couch blanket, food, dancing...food.


    In my defence, it's winter here in Australia and as we all know wintry weather reeeeaaaally whets one's appetite, heh heh.

  2. I love the mug - perfect idea for a bridal shower gift :) That mud looks so delicious - it used to be my favorite treat when I was a little girl!

    ps How are your Malawi plans coming along?

  3. You will appreciate this. I was giving prompting on format to a student in math. He was supposed to be writing down a six in the ones place, and carrying the one to the tens place. Well, he got all kinds of distracted and started doodling a cartoon.

    He drew the digit 6 hauling the digit 1 on his back. Adorable. And not appropriate with the timing. But awesome.

    I told him he can make a poster for my room next year.

  4. lOVE the mug and quilt! I miss Wisconsin winters, it doesn't get quite as cold as I would like it in Atlanta. I had mojitos this weekend with a friend and that made me smile. Also, the restaurant (named Mojitos) also has a spirit of a little girl who haunts it. I love stuff like this :) & now I'm off to eat half of my allergy-free cupcake. A warm cup of coffee sounds delicious too, the a/c makes me cold! xx

  5. I love that quilt! It helps that pink is my favorite color ;) And I have the same mug, but with an "a", of course. And guess what, that is pink too.

    I wish I had got to the point where I no longer need to to drink coffee everyday. One day I'll get there!

  6. lovely post! Have to try making dirt with my boys, they'd love it. The quilt is very pretty!

  7. I was initially drawn to this post by the picture of that amazing quilt. It is so inviting and looks absolutely comfortable. I always love to see what little things other people appreciate in their lives. Coffee, books (reading in general), and manicures are all things on my list that are simple enough but seriously make a big difference. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love that little mug & what you created with the oreos looks so good. I have always wanted to do that.

  9. I want that quilt ♥
    And all your other pics! You have a fantastic blog!!!

  10. Love your mud :) You made me crave chocolate pudding. :) Nice pics!

  11. I love that manicure colour! So pretty!


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