Katie and Corey: The Wedding

Katie and Corey's wedding day was perfection. The ladies in the bridal party met up bright and early at Katie's mom's house for hair and makeup. We devoured egg bakes, muffins, and fresh fruit as we watched Bridesmaids and got all dolled up for the day. Our hair and makeup team did such an amazing job and everyone looked stunning as we head to the church around noon.
Once we arrived at the church, we helped Katie get into her dress while keeping watch for her groom, who arrived minutes before their first look. All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen quietly waited in the corner of the church as Katie slowly made her way down the pews to see Corey for the first time. And the look on his face when he turned around to see his bride was priceless: pure happiness. After the couple's first look we took pictures until shortly before the ceremony.
As soon as I saw my little sister walk down the aisle with my stepdad, tears welled up in my eyes. I was so incredibly happy for her, and so honored to get to stand by her side as she married Corey. The ceremony went smoothly, and over 300 guests applauded and cheered as Katie and Corey were officially announced as Mr. and Mrs. Nelson for the first time. After everyone was ushered out, we headed out to the party bus and jammed out to Corey's wedding mix. Beers were opened, champagne was poured, and toasts were given as we made our way to the country club.
We arrived at the end of the cocktail hour and were announced couple by couple into the reception once everyone was seated. We had been carefully planning and practicing our entrances beforehand, and I am proud to say that Andrew and I rocked out some moves from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (slow, slow, quick quick, slow) as we made our way to the head table. Families and friends mingled over dinner and the most delicious cakes from Buttercream Bakery. 
Then came the dancing... I had been looking forward to the dancing most. Katie and Corey are always the life of the party, and I knew that their wedding dance would not disappoint. Case and point- the father/daughter, mother/son dance. It was one of my favorite moments of the evening. Check out their amazing dance skills here! 
Chuck, Corey, Katie, and Robyn set the mood for the evening- it was all about dancing, laughing, and partying. And that we did. This was Reese and Sage's first wedding, and they loved every second of it. And just like their auntie, they loved the dancing. It was the perfect finish to a perfect day. 
Wishing Katie and Corey many years of love, happiness, and laughter. 


  1. Oh my gosh! That was such a cool unique father/daughter mother/son dance! Loved it! Great wedding day pictures. Wishing your sister and her new husband the best!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Looks like a great time was had by all :-). Visiting from Mallorie's today! TGIF!


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