Back in Portland

Last year, Brian and I had a wonderful date day exploring Portland. We loved wandering the cobblestone streets, popping into small shops and boutiques, and eating lunch on the water. So, when I flew into Portland last week, I knew that I wanted to make a stop in the Old Port for another date day before heading to the lake.

This year's date in Portland was just as memorable as last's. We started our afternoon off with lunch at Duckfat. A friend had recommended this restaurant earlier this year, and I had been eager to try it ever since. We loved everything we ordered. Brian's house-made grapefruit ginger soda was refreshing, my locally brewed wheat beer hit the spot, and the fries... oh the fries. They were perfectly cooked in duck fat and complimented with the tastiest thai chili and truffle ketchup dipping sauces. My sandwich was equally delicious. I ordered the oven roasted turkey sandwich with cheddar, pea shoots, and bacon jam. I am a firm believer that bacon jam should be on just about everything. 
After lunch we snacked on macarons and sipped iced coffee at Mornings in Paris. 
Next, I browsed several stores and found some cute necklaces at the Waterlily boutique. We enjoyed listening to a group of street performers and picked up some of my favorite popcorn (the rosemary is amazing!) at Coastal Maine Popcorn Co.  before heading home. It was such a nice day, and so wonderful to be with Brian after my time away in California. Our date days in Portland are among my favorite. 
While we were in Portland we also ran into Erin, writer of Empirically Erin, who follows New York State of Mind! Erin, thank you so much for saying hello. It was so fun to meet you! 


  1. What a charming little town!!!! I love that so much.

  2. Our picture came out great!! Thanks so much for the mention. I'm so happy I got to meet you. You're as lovely in person as you are on your blog. People are going to think that's the only outfit I wear, but my sister and I were doing our photo shootin downtown Portland for my new blog layout when we ran into Daina!! :)

  3. Looks amazing! You guys always have the most amazing weekend dates :)


  4. You're here in Portland?! Oh it's such an amazing place :) I'm sorry I couldn't meet you!

  5. I need to visit there, it's so darn cute! and your sandwhich description made my mouth water, mmm!

  6. Wow those are just cute photos! Now I want to visit!


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